Having spent most of the start of this year recovering from his serious leg injury following the crash at Anglesey stage of the Thundersport GB GP1 Championship last year, Dave Brook took to the roads in the Southern 100 Road Races.

After several years of short circuit racing, Brook had long fancied trying his hand at road racing and finally satisfied that itch in the Southern 100.

Initially, Brook struggled to find a bike setup that suited the road race but soon improved thanks to invaluable advice from fellow competitors.

“The problem was my slow start, but I had a lot to learn about the track plus trying to work around the gearing problems I was having so I wasn’t able to qualify for the big boys’ race,” Brook said.

“I went from 32nd through to 15th but the race was decided by then. If I’d pushed harder on Monday it could’ve all been different because I’d have qualified further up and if I had, I’m sure I’d have been up at the front.

“But at the same time, I did have a lot to learn and I think learning it at the pace I did was the right way. You’ve got to handle things differently on the roads to the short circuits.

“I really loved the track, it’s mint and I think it’s something I’d certainly look at again. It’s been a great experience and I couldn’t have done it without the team around me.

“I also have to say a massive thanks to Jono Perry, who really helped me with a load of things. I probably wouldn’t have managed without his guidance.

“If I can work it into my calendar for next season I’d definitely give it another go. But I’m also keen to get stuck back into the short circuits now and see if I can start building on my previous results there.”